Monday, April 11, 2011

Morning Routines

Another week and another weekend have passed and I've been slacking around these parts.  Last week was a doozy with highs and lows- I had to attend a memorial service for a family friend and we also saw Quidam, the Cirque du Soleil show.  The rest of the week was spent in my normal routine and I really love having a routine. 

Each morning I wake up to the sound of snorting, throat clearing, and full body shaking.  If I didn't get a lick on my hand and know it was my dog I would think we lived with a little pig or something (which is kinda cool because I think pigs are cute).  Whatever it is, it warms my heart.  After the wake-up call, the hubby walks him and I lay in bed contemplating life until I finally drag myself out of bed.

I have been making hubby a hot breakfast for the last few weeks as a reward for being out in the cold- plus I just really like feeding people.  This morning it was pancakes but I also make waffles and french toast.   I'm particularly proud of the pancakes because I made them for the first time in ahem 27 years last week.  I was intimidated by them or something irrational. 

This morning I did something crazy and replaced my almond butter and toast with pancakes and it made my Monday just a little bit sweeter.  Mini pancakes are delicious- I'll have my non-recipe posted soon!

In other news, I am making an effort to eat more veggies this week and to put a few extra minutes into my appearance for work.  I've been slacking a bit in both departments but each of these things just put a little bit of pep in my step- maybe I'll even do a fashion recap at the end of the week ;)
Maybe I'm taking another cue from my puppy, but when you look better, you feel better.  This handsome beast just stares at himself in the mirror sometimes and I can't blame him.

Have a great week!

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