Sunday, April 24, 2011


I keep going back and forth in my mind on whether this is a food blog, a lifecasting blog, or somewhere in the middle.  When I walk around I think of posts in my head and snap random pictures but haven't been doing a whole lot of posting lately.  I cook exciting stuff sometimes and I exercise most days of the week because that's just what I do.

I work in the city and we live in the 'burbs but the stress of daily work life often gets to me despite all the yoga and facade of zen that I put on.  Getting away really helps me press "reset" and really appreciate how much I love life.  This weekend we drove up the coast of California to Mendocino, a small rural town that has yet to see the glimmer and lights of San Francisco, mostly by choice. 

Earlier in the week I was freaking out about yet another injury- this time it was my left foot.  Walking was very painful but after visiting my podiatrist (oh em gee- yes I'm 27 and have a regular podiatrist), getting a foot adjustment and learning how to tape my foot, my fam and I were off. 

There was surfing for some of us and walking around the beach for others.

 Tulips and beautiful flowers everywhere.
 7.14 mile hikes along the river.  Map my run and my OCD side love each other.
  Walking on rocks for those of us with better balance (i.e. not me).
 Light houses.  Light houses are my favorite- they must have such stories.
Breathing in the fresh air and scenery.
Long car rides filled with sleeping, talking, and iPod singing.  Also, somebody was a little tired from getting into his first brawl this weekend and visiting the vet for antibiotics.

I slept better this weekend than I have in the last few months. I'm sporting a bit of a sunburn which will turn into more freckles.  Today's 7 mile walk was probably not smart for my foot but I feel completely at peace.  Completely worth it.

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