Sunday, May 8, 2011

Walk is the New Run

I feel like an old person, but the months, weeks, and days have been flying by!  How is it May already?  I can't figure it out but I am loving the 80 and 90 degree days that have been adding sunshine to my days and evenings.

Since I'm a little light on pictures- I've got some random things for you.  Some are from this weekend and others are from the last two weeks.  Gotta get out of my blogging slump somehow!

Number of miles covered this weekend: 12
Have you tried MapMyRun?  I have the iPhone app and I am obsessed with taking it on my daily walks and hikes with the doggie.  I get to see how much distance I cover, the different elevations and wind resistance makes it a workout, and most importantly I'm not on a treadmill surrounded by stinky people or meatheads.  Walking is for everyone- not just old ladies like me.  I know Melissa is into walking too and I just love it now that my foot seems to be feeling better.

Number of yoga classes attended this weekend: 2
I'm still all over it.  I love the candle flow and vinyasa style classes and I also love the slower classes that force me to hold my pose and get it right.  Sometimes I feel like one of those people who thinks she is a good dancer until someone tells her the truth.  That's how yoga is- I think I'm doing a pose correctly until I get completely re-aligned and then it all makes sense.

Number of meals cooked this weekend: 0
With the exception of breakfast we didn't eat at home at all this weekend.  I also find frozen yogurt a perfectly acceptable lunch.  Ice cream is appropriate for dinner because it's a heavier meal.

Number of calories in this Starbucks treat (salted caramel): 180
Totally worth it.  But it's so sweet I almost couldn't eat it. Almost.

Number of glasses of wine I enjoyed of this delicious shiraz for a friend's birthday last weekend: 1 full glass (a lot = tipsy me):

Number of stinky pups we have to bathe before I can pass out and go to sleep: 1
Any number facts for me?

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