Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Version of Manolos

I loved hearing all about your numbers after my random post.  I'm still catching up on commenting on your blogs so please hang in there.  I really hate it when people don't respond so I'm doing my best to visit all of you.

After work on Monday I paid another visit to my geriatric doctor and my foot is not as great as I thought it was.  It also ended in being pitched $750 custom orthotics.  Um...don't Manolos and Jimmy Choos cost around that much??  I'm doing some research to see if I really need these things or if I can hobble around for a bit longer.  I work in the pharma industry and I know a sales pitch when I see one but I'm still confused.  I think I may have been suckered into the idea though.  Being an adult is fun, right?  Anyhoo, puppy and I took a walk in the open space once I finished working from home a bit more.

Moving on...I've been eating stuff like salads and veggies.  I know it's not a big deal since the other 3,000 blogs you read have pages and pages of veggies but I have found myself in a slump and I'm finally coming out of it.  Along with not posting regularly I allowed myself to get a bit lazy and only ate carrots and snap peas for my veggie intake for what felt like weeks. Boooooring!

Monday's salad:
Wednesday's packed lunch:
The thing on the right is a puff pastry filled with cheese.  My mom made it and we got to take home leftovers.  It's beyond amazing and I get to eat it after I scarf down all my veggies. I love balance.

Also helping me balance things out this week is getting to sleep on time so I can get to work earlier and get shiz done.  I've received a bit of a promotion and my workload is out of control lately so getting in before the email gets scary has helped me get some focused time in.  I pack my lunch, make breakfast, and pick my clothes the night before when I leave early so that I don't wake the whole house and actually make my train. 

Tonight's breakfast prep included waffles. I love my waffle maker so very much.  I'm still working on getting the shape right ;)
Well kids, I'm off to shower after the gym and get to bed.

Do you have any experience with orthotics (fancy, I know).  Would you get them if they would help you walk/run pain-free?

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