Friday, May 20, 2011

Our First Race

Thanks for all of your feedback on orthotics (um over a week ago, BAD blogger).  I'm happy to hear that none of you really have much personal experience with them.  Believe me- that's a good thing. It also means you aren't 80 years old or anything so give yourself a high five!

I ended up going to my favorite running store and got fitted with new shoes and insoles.  I figured $40 for insoles was a good test run before I go with the $750 version and I am feeling tons better.  So good that I participated in my first organized walk last weekend and wanted to tell you guys about it.

First we fueled up with waffles.  The best waffle topping is vanilla Greek yogurt, almond butter, and banana slices. Seriously.

After carb loading, we were off to our local downtown shopping area for an event called "Animals on Broadway".  The event was sponsored by ARF. I should probably start by saying that you can skip this post if you have no interest in dogs and such, but who doesn't like puppies?  Also, the only food in this post are my waffles but now that you read this far, here are the cute pictures:

Getting ready for the big walk
Race gear on and ready to go:
Checking out the adorable competition:

Walk time- keeping a good pace:
We did it! A mile only takes so long to walk!

I have had more laughs, snorts, and smiles in the last few months we adopted little guy and I am now totally a dog person and go to dog events.  I admit it and it's fabulous.

I've got lots planned this weekend since it will be in the 70s and perfect.  I hope you guys enjoy yours!

I leave you with the cutest picture.  Puppies and babies =)

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