Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like It

I just spent the last few minutes 'liking' pages on facebook.  Likes of note include:
~Dirty Dancing
~Modern Family
~'Working Out'
~Dancing With the Stars

I have eclectic tastes people.  Seriously- is there etiquette to how many items you 'like'?  What if you only kinda like them?  I like sleep, but that's obvious, and not really something I need to tell my network about.  Do people judge facebook likes?  Ah the things I ponder.

There are a few things that I like this week and I'm not ashamed to admit them.

Cherries!  It's cherry season somewhere in California and they are gooood!
Heaping plates of fruits and veggies swimming in hummus.
Eating the same breakfast for probably a whole month in a row.  My waffle is the bomb.

iPhone apps- I'm all over them now.  My new favorite is  I'm using it to track nutrients, water intake and other moderately OCD numbers.  Today I found out that my ratios are
34%fat /49%carbs /17%protein.  Definitely something to work on and so easy to track since my phone goes everywhere with me.  People get all hot and bothered over counting calories but I think it's always good to do a pulse check so I'm going to try it for a while.

The upcoming long weekend.  Oh long weekend- I'm swooning just thinking about it.  I hope my wolf pack will take me to see Hangover 2.

Happy Thursday kids!

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