Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not Much of An Excuse

I am not a fan of checking blog pages and not seeing an update, yet here I am being a complete flake on my own blog.  I don't have much of an excuse, but we (husband mostly) have been doing lots of research on new kitchen stuff, working like crazy, and just got back from a vacation.  I'm back for good and I'm going to generate content- hopefully something that keeps inspiring me to keep a good balance and enough to keep you coming back.

So about that vacation- it was awesome!  I feel a little hungover (not in the literal sense anymore) but it's so hard to get back after being in paradise.  We went to Mexico City and the Mayan Riviera for a little over a week and here is my iPhone photo dump mostly from our time at the resort.  More family, sights, and food picture to come!

Volleyball games

Drinks and Meals

Time with the hubs
Hope you are all having a good Tuesday! See you back soon with more regular posting :)

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