Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scenes From a Weekend

Thanks again for hanging in there and coming back to see my blog and to read my trip recaps.  Before I bombard you with another posting of gratuitous photography, I'm going back and doing a regular post.  This weekend was so good, SO good!  I spent time outdoors with a hike each morning, took 3 yoga classes (even one with my mother-in-law!) and worked out with the husband. We ate delicious food, got help on remodeling, and got to see both of our families.  My heart was so happy ;)

These boys- they are obsessed with Angry Birds and ended up playing together for much of the evening.

This boy found a new friend at his grandparents' house and snuggled with him while looking out the window.  I'm just happy he didn't follow his typical dog park behavior on this little stuffed friend.

We took home leftovers and made delicious grilled wraps and I may have hit a new veggie consumption high.  I may have also hit a new popsicle high this weekend too.

My favorite breakfast this weekend was a slice of quiche from Costco with salad.  It worked and I was powered up for the day.  Veggies for breakfast is the new black.

Anything you are looking forward to this weekend?

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