Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mexico Part 2

When I left off on my last recap, we finished a beautiful hike up to the pyramids.  Later on in our trip, we were invite to Father's Day brunch to celebrate all the dads.  

Anyhoo, our gracious host Benny showed us around the house and then we sat down to eat a delicious lunch with the most amazing cake I ever had in my life.  I wish I knew what was in it, but I'll just have to go back and visit to eat it again.

 Our lovely lunch crowd
 We went to explore the backyard garden and patio and took a few lollipop breaks for a photo.
Our tour guides took us to the university in Mexico City to explore the campus and the boys climbed the snake maze.
I wasn't dressed for a hike, but we spent some time exploring the campus
Benny loved playing with his uncles that day and we loved the structures.  Each corner made taking pictures so much fun.
 Nuestra familia :)
We ended our trip that day walking through cobblestone streets and sat in this awesome square.  Again, loving the squares and people walking out and about.  We took our practice family photo too.
The streets were so charming- cobblestone, beautiful details, mature vegetation, and families walking around.
This part of our trip was so much fun and gave us a really good look at another part of Mexico City.  I knew it was an older city with a lot of history but I didn't expect the charm and unique buildings and streets.  I got to see much more of the city on a city tour, to be discussed on my next post.

Side note- I think I remember why I have been ducking out of working out with my husband.  I just lifted legs and shoulders with me and I can now finally lift my arms over my head, 2 days later.  However, I am still working on sitting, standing, and walking up the stairs.  Walking is still good, so Chino is in luck.  I'm coming back for more though- my muscles hurt so good!

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