Monday, August 1, 2011

Boos, Apples, and Catching up

I am long overdue with my recap of Mexico and everything else that has been going on around these parts.  There has been a lot going on here on the life/house/fitness front, so let's get going!

We kicked off last weekend (not the one that just happened, but 2 weeks ago) with a blog meetup with Amanda and Andy of Two Boos Who Eat.  Amanda and Andy were staying in the city for Andy's work-related conference and I scooped them up and took them on a train adventure with us into the Oakland/Berkeley area. 

Mr. Apple and I lived in Oakland for about a year and thought it would be nice to walk through the area and of course, explore some of the food.  We had Ethiopian food at Asmara on Telegraph Avenue and ended up at Ici for ice cream.  These two places contributed to a good weight gain when we lived in the area as a recently-dating couple (me mostly) but are well worth it.  Amanda eloquently posted so I encourage you to read her recap here.
We had a fantastic time talking food, travel, mixed martial arts, and the functional fashion of men's skirts together ;)

This past weekend we took a little break from our remodel (more on that later) and went to a party at a friend's house.  I brought my easy mango shrimp ceviche with plantain chips.
In other exciting news, Hello Kitty has appeared at my yogurtland. It's pretty amazing.
Chino has discovered a new hobby- mud diving.  He did this not only once, but twice and I kinda loved watching him.
Now that I've ripped off the posting band-aide, I'm going to try to update more. 

P.S. I'm obsessed with instagram...every picture looks really cool with it.

What's new with you?

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