Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Oh weekends.  I can't say enough good things about weekends.  When other people are slow at work during the summer, I am in my busy season and can't wait for the beautiful time of 5:00 PM on Friday.  This weekend was just as great as all the rest and sitting here on Sunday, it's just not long enough!

We ate a lot of delicious food and spent a lot of time with family.  I knew it would be a great weekend when this was the view I saw on Friday night while walking the fluffy one.
We got to see this (not so) little guy and his parents and somebody had an Angry Birds marathon together.

We digested our dinner by going out on a bike ride/walk for the little ones and made it up to see a beautiful view.

Spent time enjoying each other's company on the couch (check out the angry birds toys)!

Oh- and there was dessert- my reason for life.  We ate my mom's new creation- a raspberry cheese tart made with cottage cheese. Amazing.

We also enjoyed some homemade chocolate covered strawberry kabobs made by my sister-in-law.

Oh, and today?  Husband brought me this beautiful dessert and it will be demolished later tonight.

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