Sunday, November 6, 2011

9 Weeks- Originally Written October 27

I turned 9 weeks on this past Saturday and still can't believe this is happening. It became very real when we had our first appointment on Thursday morning (10/27).
9 weeks
8 weeks

How I'm Feeling:
I have had some mild nausea since about 6 weeks (mild only because I have been able to keep all my food down) and it mostly comes in the evenings but sometimes hits on my train commute or if I'm sitting at my desk. The other symptoms are fatigue and digestive issues. The fatigue is insane because I'm usually a night owl and have been going to bed way before 10 most nights.

Exercise is getting better with coming back to yoga and still walking chino every evening. We went on a 4-mile hike over the weekend and it was fun, although I can definitely feel the fatigue. My goal is to keep taking yoga, walking, and incorporating some weight training when I can. Despite the fatigue, I feel better about myself after some movement and I know I need to keep it up for the future spawn to get big and strong. I keep wanting to try prenatal yoga but I will look ridiculous in there with barely a food baby bump. I am sure I will not be complaining about this after a few months.

I just want salty food.  I currently hate some of my old favorite foods: Chocolate (OMG, WTF), hummus, almond butter, waffles, Greek yogurt, any kind of dessert/candy except for lemon flavored things.  I am loving lemon in all forms and

Maternity Clothes:
I am not really showing yet, but I do bloat out by the end of the day.  Hubby says I'm ridiculous when I say I'm bloated, but I can tell.  All my clothes fit and I'm hoping they will stay that way for a bit longer since I'm not ready to venture into the world of maternity clothes quite yet.  This is a good thing since I have had back to back work meetings and needed to wear all of my suits and skirts.

What's Changing:
I'm trying to imagine what it would be like with another human at home.  I am definitely nervous but extremely excited.  I'm also loving how sweet hubby has been- extremely protective and won't let me carry anything heavy. I don't think the dog knows anything is going on at all but I'm excited to see how he will act as a big brother.  I haven't been too emotional, but I get really antsy about telling my family since we haven't told anyone yet.  Our big reveal is disguised as our kitchen renovation celebration party.  We have a master plan and I'm so excited to tell them.

Dr's Appointments:
We had our first appointment and it was surreal.  I got frisked and the usual, and then they took out the ultrasound.  It was wheeled in, they got me situated, and then turned it on.  The little gummy bear was hanging out and even waved at us with its little arm.  It was just hanging out and took my breath away.  I am not extra mushy, but we made a human!  I was so happy and drifted out in a surreal cloud.  The next appointment is scheduled for our NT taste, to get a better look at the little one.

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