Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Great Reveal

We've been cooking up a project for the last few months and I wanted to make sure that everything was just perfect before I shared with you guys.

That's right...our kitchen is ready!

I can't say enough about the work that our family did to help us- particularly the dads.  My husband also worked his tail off, and I just stared and helped pick a few things and fed the workers.  Finally, our good friend Yana designed the whole thing and worked with us to make it perfect.  I hope you guys enjoy!

Here are some of the 'before' pictures.

Before Demolition
Close up of oven side
Demolition Begins! 
What were they thinking?!
In progress:
The beginning of an island 
Cabinets installed
A full wall done
Countertops, sink, and lights in!
 The final product:

We are beyond thrilled with the results.  I never thought I would have something this nice and I'm so happy to have a kitchen to cook in and a place to eat meals with our little family.

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