Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It Finally Happened

So yeah- I've been on this pregnant lady journey for a little while now and have not noticed a huge change in appetite.  Of course I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full and definitely enjoy food more, but haven't had any chocolate covered pickles with french fries on the side.

Tonight things changed a bit when I came home from a walk with the pup.  I was hungry for dinner and I knew I wanted breakfast for dinner- something that happens all the time.  I quickly nuked my Trader Joe's dairy and gluten free pancakes and added some cottage cheese and baked cinnamon apples.  I enjoyed each bite.

Then it was so good that I decided I had to have it twice.  I'm sitting and feeling very content with my stomach full of pancakes.  I definitely had two dinners and have to say it was pretty awesome.  Highly recommended.

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