Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recent Meal Highlights

Remember that time when I was a food blogger?  Oh yeah, me too!  Well I have been taking pictures of meals and events and hoarding them around.  Here are a few of my highlights over the last week:

My nephew recently turned 5- I think I have finally found someone who loves dessert as much as I do!

I made stuffed bell peppers with brown rice and salad on the side. For a change, I stuffed them with organic grass fed beef and it was quite tasty!

Lunches at work have been easily assembly- chicken sandwich on a flatbread with cheese and mushrooms- and a whole carrot since they taste better than the baby cut carrots.

Packing lunches for both of us is a part of my morning routine.  Did I mention hubby is training for a tournament?  He is and I am feeding him mini meals and his lunch is on the left.  The fruit fest is mine (on the right).

Polenta makes the perfect medium for a pizza.  Topped with marinara, basil, and cheese, I think this would work for an easy appetizer (or meal if you eat a few).

What foods have you been enjoying lately?

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