Monday, May 28, 2012

Have You Had the Baby Yet?

Welp, I'm officially overdue.  According to the calculators that say baby cooks for 40 weeks (and no more or no less), I've surpassed my cooking time by two days.  I'm still feeling pretty fantastic, but if you ask the surrounding world, something has gone terribly awfully wrong.  It's awfully inconvenient that my body has not ejected the human in a timely fashion (and the long weekend is ending).  

I find it fascinating that everyone except for me is highly concerned about my state, especially women who have already had their own children and know that labor can be um...unpredictable.  I'm just an overachiever and have decided to be pregnant a bit longer.  Whatever it is, I'm enjoying my last few days with an inside baby.  There are a lot of perks if you ask me!

1. You get this awesome basketball that you wear under all your clothes:

You get to go play on the playground and spend time with your favorite people.

You get to use the extra calories excuse to eat dessert.

You get to spend extra time with your first born.

And you get to eat a delicious breakfast with both hands while feeling your little baby kick you.

Not a bad deal if you ask me!  But baby, you're welcome to come out when you're ready.  We're good people here- your dad and big brother will entertain you and I'll make you some cookies if you're good (and when you get your teeth).

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