Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost There!

I am so, so excited that the weekend is almost here. Not only is the weekend coming, but a lovely, precious 3 days! We are still working on our house and don’t have anything crazy planned, but it will still be great!

Today was a typical bizarre food day and I’m not sure it will change much because it seems to work for me right now. I packed some Cheerios and almonds for a potential snack this afternoon. I also brought the last serving of TJ’s European Yogurt. When lunch rolled around I decided to pour the yogurt right over the Cheerios- which would have been a great idea if the almonds were not Lemon Pepper flavored. What can I say…my memory kinda messed up today? Gross alert- I ate this anyways. I actually couldn’t taste a lot of the almond spices since the yogurt really cooled things down, but there was definitely a kick at the end. I would have chucked this, but I’m not made of money, kids!

I also enjoyed two camera-shy carrots. A couple hours later I had some green grapes to distract myself. On my way to the train, I missed my shuttle so I decided to walk instead of waiting another 15 minutes. My train station is right near a mall so I walked in to find something since I was already starving. Nothing looked good until I walked right past a yogurt shop, did a double-take, and ran right in. I have a little bit of an obsession with self-serve yogurt places. This place lets you pick your own flavors and toppings and it’s weighed by the ounce. My stash ended up being $4.80 if that tells you anything. I had original tart flavor, lychee flavor, and some taro flavor. They had really cute names for all of their flavors too. My toppings included about 1 tbsp of graham cracker crumbs, teaspoon of chocolate chips, granola, and almonds. I ate as I walked and by the time I got to sit down, I had devoured the whole thing. My mind knows that this is not the healthiest thing- fat free does not mean calorie free but since I am aware of the calorie punch this packs, it’s still worth it. I am guessing this baby had between 300 and 400 cals. Any ideas?

Calorie Counting

I have gone back and forth on calorie counting. I have been strict (too strict) in the past and let it rule my life a little too much. I didn’t count at all and the weight caught up with me. What works right now is doing a ballpark estimate before dinner to see where I am and if I need a bigger snack/dinner or if I need to pull back the reins a little bit. I like the estimates because it’s a happy medium. I have gone several days without counting and it doesn’t affect me very much either way, but I believe the old cliché “knowledge is power” holds true when it comes to what we put in our bodies. If we have a choice, why not examine the facts and then decide what to eat?

What works for you in calorie counting or not? How does knowing calorie counts influence your meals?


Danielle said...

I've never calorie counted that closely but I would work in servings, starting with getting the 6 of veggies and 3 of fruits, and then working my way down from there. i'd have a bit of dairy, protein, whole grains and treat myself to a piece of dark chocolate after dinner. it was the healthiest I've ever eaten when I ate this way but I kind of became obsessed with it, now I just focus on three balanced meals a day and a possible snack in between. It's tough to figure out what the best method is, I think we'll spend our entire lives readjusting, fun... ;) Happy Friday!

Graze with Me said...

Hello, thank you for reading/commenting on my blog today! I never know who actually reads it unless there is some evidence! My motivation is mostly based on the fact that my wedding is fast approaching and I also bought a very form-fitting wedding dress so any bulges will be preserved in photos forever. I also really like knowing what I'm eating and not just eating "because it's there".