Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day and Other Nonsense

Valentine's Day Dinner

I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying your V-day whether it's with your special one or friends and family. We all need a little love!

We went out to dinner at Paradise 33 last night. This was a new restaurant for us and a different experience. The menu is a mix of Asian cuisine including Vietnamese and Japanese entrees. We both enjoyed our meals and would go back again.

I ordered the Tuna salad with seared ahi tuna served over a bed of greens. I ordered dressing on the side but didn't use much of it since I was so into the wasabi. The tuna was perfectly done and tasted great.

My fiance, who wanted to be in the picture, ordered some kind of lemongrass prawn dish with rice and a side salad. He helped me with the food styling on this one (notice the elevated chopsticks):

Saturday Morning

This morning I went to the gym for some good ole cardio. I did a 5k on the treadmill followed by another 12 minutes on the elliptical to get my legs cooled down. I felt nice and sweaty. I came home and made an omelette with spinach and one egg and heated it in the microwave with some parmesan cheese and spicy mustard. I really enjoyed this breakfast and will definitely try it again.

Starbuck's Review

I tried the Vanilla Roobios Latte yesterday and I have to say- it was definitely a disappointment. After reading about it on and, I was hoping that it would be really good, but the taste was just too strange for me. The aftertaste was a bit too much- something. I guess it was just not my thing. Starbuck's never disappoints me, so this was just a fluke.

I have been snacking all day since breakfast and didn't really do lunch:
  • sliced apple and celery with almond butter
  • a cookie and some dark chocolate
  • spicy almonds
  • Cheerios and skim

We are kinda skipping dinner and heading to our friends' house to watch a movie about steroids (it's boy's choice tonight) and have some snacks. Have a great night!

I leave you with a picture of me and my valentine being goofy and posing for our Save the Date cards:

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Love the 'save the date' cards!! Too cute :-)

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