Sunday, February 15, 2009

Save the Date

Since I posted the silly picture of our Save the Date shoot, I thought I would share one of our wedding projects.

In an attempt to be crafty, one of our first projects for the wedding was our Save the Date cards. I looked at many options online and we (I) decided that this was a fun project to do myself. I knew we wanted to do a magnet because everybody needs a picture of us on their fridge!

We started with a photo shoot- and the photog was my mom. We live right next to a beautiful park with a huge rose garden and it was the perfect backdrop. Here are a few shots of the pictures that were just a little too lame and didn't make it:

Once we got the shot, I did a search and had some great options for magnets. We uploaded the image and I added in the text and the magnets were at my door in a few days. Here is the final product:

It was quick and painless and the whole project came in at under $60 including the envelopes I ended up using. I highly recommend the print service if you are looking for something fairly low maintenance. We also chose to do this ourselves and save the engagement picture session for a later date. We were comfortable and this really represents how goofy we are together. The imperfections like the sunglasses on my head and ponytail holder didn't cross my mind at the time and I notice them now, but I am happy with the final product overall.

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Graze with Me said...

Very cute pictures!! I really like the idea of holding up the "save the date" signs.