Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Bye and Good Luck

Today my company threw me a little afternoon event since I am leaving the company on Friday. I won’t say much, but this is a good thing for my mental and physical health and I am very much looking forward to moving on. Friday is my last day and while I would love to say that I have been cruising along, those last-minute tasks just seem to take forever to get through.

I started my morning with an almond butter and banana sandwich. The toasted bread made the AB melt and warmed everything right up- A-maz-ing! I used Milton’s Multigrain bread and love the hearty texture.

I had to train somebody this morning and went from 7:30 to 12:15 without any food- a small record if you know me. I stopped for lunch and mowed down this heap of celery and carrots and ate 4 spring rolls. Inside the spring rolls are shrimp, broccoli slaw, and Trader Joe’s Sesame Ginger dressing. I also enjoyed a cup of unsweetened Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea and an apple to trick myself into dessert. I then proceeded to chew a million pieces (ok- 3) of sugarless gym.

My afternoon snack included a cracker with a bit of cheese, a couple strawberry slices, and a couple of baby carrots (un-pictured since I didn’t want to scare my soon-to-be-former co-workers). When I got back to my desk, I tore open my last trailmix pack and went at it. I am thinking that although my lunch was filled with volume, I should add a little more next time. I definitely missed my AM snack and seem to be compensating for the rest of the day.

Class starts at 7:15 tonight and I planned a protein-tastic meal. I have a whole wheat pita with about 3 oz of curry-spiced chicken that I prepared for future hubby’s lunch. If I get extra protein-savvy, I have a hardboiled egg to snack on…I bet you I will sooooo find a way to get some sugar in me!

Exercise-Free Day and New Location

So far, I have been doing just fine with an exercise-free day. I try to get up in spurts throughout the day, but hope to be more active at my next job. As office workers, we tend to get stuck to our chairs but I have a really hard time getting up and giving myself space away from the office mess. One thing that has deterred me from taking walks at this job is that everything is so far away. We are in an office park, surrounded by other office parks, and a big busy street with absolutely no businesses on it. This has been good for my wallet, but bad for my sanity. I am so excited to be moving to a new work location, right in the beautiful downtown area of San Francisco. I am also dangerously close to our wedding venue- the hotel’s event planner better hold on to her hat! This will seriously save me a lot of time since I can meet with her in person when the time comes down to it…or I can walk by and stare just like I planned to.

Do you take walks at work? What do you do to take a break?

Here is my evening snack:

Enviga drink (just like it for the taste) and a Think Organic Bar. Both were just ok. My classmate also passed out dark chocolate squares- 72% cocoa is what did the trick!

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