Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do Not Do This At Home

Remember those stupid commercial taglines? Maybe it's an early 90s thing, but I remember hearing that on TV all the time!

Today was a better day at work. I decided to even (gasp!) leave the office. I took a walk and somehow ended up in a frozen yogurt shop. I was a little heavy-handed with the carob chip crank and thus lunch was made:

Tart original yogurt, blueberry tart, a little chocolate, blackberries, mangoes, lychee, a tbsp of granola and probably 2-3 tbsp of carob chips. Am I guilty, a little...but it was sooo good!

Bakery on Main

I got to try two products from Bakery on Main today!

The products offer a lot of options for people with any food allergies and special dietary needs:
"At Bakery on Main, our dedicated artisan bakers take the highest quality natural ingredients and craft them into unique and healthy culinary marvels. We use no artificial colors, GMOs, artificial flavors, trans-fats or refined sugars. Whether you follow a gluten free diet or a heart healthy high fiber diet, we offer you great tasting products."

I tried the Cranberry Maple Almond Granola (picture from website):

And here is my serving of it:

Now you know my dirty secret- I eat out of the container...but only because I'm the only one who eats it and there was almost nothing left!

The granola was perfectly crunchy, a little chewy, and not too sweet. The calorie content was 240 cals and worked great as a topping over yogurt. I would definitely buy this product again, but I would rather find it in a retail location near me instead of ordering it online. Thanks again for letting me sample this product. Look for my next product sample soon!

So remember that yogurt lunch? Well, it did nothing to keep me full. I had a mini apple and a cucumber later and by 7:00 my stomach was screaming for dinner. To make matters worse, some lady had a bag full of takeout food on the train, right next to me. I wanted to steal her food, but refrained. When I got home, I plowed through the kitchen, washed my hands and made this:

This is about 2 oz of baked salmon with 2 tbsp cottage cheese and salsa, all nuked together. I also had grilled brussel sprouts and a single asparagus:


My knees were screaming again today, so I didn't push it. I did 15 minutes on the evil stairclimber and 20 minutes of hill intervals on the treadmill, mostly walking after the jogging did not feel well. I burned about 200 cals.

I'm off to take a shower and get to bed. The heat has been making me an insomniac. Peace out ladies!


Leah @ Simply Fabulous said...

Rest those knees.. you don't want them to get worse :)

Love salmon! I had some for lunch today.

Mari said...

I think the knee thing is going around, mine were killing this morning when I was working out. It was so bad that I stopped to check if they were bruised or something lol...

Sharon said...

Hope you get lots of rest for those knees!
And oh my gosh, you just reminded me that I need carob chips next time I am at the store. LOL!!!!

Ruby said...

Hill workout eh? So how do you set that up? I've been looking for a treadmill workout for hill training. Anyhoo, rest those knees! And your food looks YUM.