Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog-less Blogger

I just looked and the last time I posted was in April. We are already at May 6th! Where has the time gone?!?

I don't have a really good reason for my little hiatus. Yes, I have a whole boatload of food pictures on my camera. Yes, I have been keeping up on my workouts. Yes, school has been busy (as has work) but I have always found time to at least post once a week. So what has changed?

I can't say I'm getting sick of blogging- in fact, it's one of my only creative outlets. The blog community is so supportive and inspiring that sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the ideas and exciting news people post about. Sometimes I feel like the daily 'non-news' I have is a little boring and not worth blogging. Other times, when I am running around I don't make the best food choices. I want to be a good influence because this is such a public forum and I know that it's not acceptable to have pretzels for dinner- so I don't want to set a bad example. In addition, I don't seem to have a focus. Can daily ramblings really serve the purpose of a blog? How many more times can I say 'and oops, I ate chocolate for lunch'?

Despite all the self doubt, I'm back to the blog world. I owe some product reviews, some wedding updates (because the wedding is really interesting to ME), and perhaps a few challenges that I can stick with. I am not a quitter and I am excited to bring some more focus!

That said, is there anything you would like to see more of (besides regular posts)? Anything to avoid? Please let me know and maybe this will help me become a more focused, consistent blogger!

Hope you are having a happy Wednesday!

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Mari said...

I miss your blog! I "feed" off of your eats ha...