Thursday, May 7, 2009

2-Minute Meals

If you are busy like I am, one of the last things you think about is making yourself dinner. I have a little problem in not wanting to cook for myself, especially when in a rush. Of course I make poor choices when I am too rushed, but I have found a good go-to meal in the last couple of weeks that fits all my requirements:
*High Protein
*Relatively low cal
*Simple ingredients
*Easy to make
This is no rocket science, but I present you- Apple's Open Face Tuna Sandwich:
1 can tuna
2 slices whole grain bread
1 tbsp Sweet and spicy mustard
Optional: salt, pepper, choice of spices
Also optional: lite cheese to melt on top
Toast the bread, and while waiting for it to toast, mix tuna with the spicy mustard. Once done, spread the tuna mix, and voila!
Here are the cals for the basic 'recipe':
Bread (@100 cals each) 200
Tuna 120
Spicy Mustard 10
For under 350 cals you get an insanely high protein, healthy meal. I have also melted cheese on top and added sweet chili sauce to mix things up. You can also add some healthy fat with sprinkling almonds on top.
I have learned that the simpler the better when in a rush. Hope you give this a try!
What are some of your favorite quick meals?

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Mari said...

Now I am craving a tuna sandwich lol....hmmmm maybe I will make that for dinner maƱana....

My " go to" 2 minute dinner is a toasted sandwich made with swiss cheese, pastrami seasoned turkey, and mustard on a 100 calorie ww see it quite a lot on my blog