Friday, May 8, 2009

The Tank Top

When you live with your fiance, there are many things that you learn to share. Now- something you must understand- I am the younger child. I do not share.

I like to buy men's tank tops or wifebeaters as they are known in our cultural circles. I buy mine in Small and black. They are perfect for wearing over sports bras at the gym and are part of my weekend uniform. Occasionally, I buy white tanks as well, but they are a little too sheer for my taste. We do our laundry together and all tanks are separated and folded.

Today I packed Mike's gym clothes because we were running late. We both went in to change for the gym and Mike walks out in the tiniest tank top I have every seen on a guy- and not in a good way- there was hairy belly button involved. I burst out with laughter in the middle of the gym. Luckily I was wearing one of my longer tanks and we exchanged shirts right on the gym floor. I am sure we received a few strange looks, but damn...I'm afraid he looks better in my top than I do. We decided to carefully sort our clothes from now on.

Now on to food- the reason I'm here:

Breakfast today was a fruit parfait with fat free yogurt, strawberries and 1/2 cup of Special K. I put this together at work and I must say- it kept me full for a whole 90 minutes because Special K is made of air- skimpy air.

Next, my plan was to get my veggies in:

This was a boatload of celery, a small green apple, some nasty fat free cheese, and a couple of baby peppers. This was just my appetizer because it was time for Yogurt Friday. I behaved myself but forgot to take a picture.

After my workout at the gym (which was frieken awesome!) I came home and tried a famous modified crack wrap. I'm still ironing out the details and will post when I have the perfect crack wrap.

After this, I went with dessert:

This is about 1/2 cup of TJ's tart fat free yogurt, a couple of pieces of frozen fruit, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a mini Reese's cup. Take that, Coldstone. I estimate this dessert at 300 cals- yes, it's high, but better than the damage I would do out someplace.

Yes, I am aware that I ate fro yo twice today. If you include my morning yogurt, my calcium intake is frieken fabulous! I am embracing it!


Anonymous said...

BWahahaha the IMAGE in my head is SO good. That is hilarious! My hubby always seems to buy the same type of socks as I do and then he stuffs his huge foot into one, tears it and says it's too small. Well duh! Stop stealig my socks!

Sharon said...

AHAHAHAHAH, that is soo funny!!!!!! Yes, sorting out clothes is a good thing! LOL!!!

Mari said...

omg needed to take a pic of the "stripper" so I could fully enjoy that story ha....I am a "wifebeater"girl too =)

Yums that dessert looks delish!