Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wear a Helmet for Safety (and style)

When we moved into our new house, one of the gifts we got from our Realtor was a gift certificate to a bike shop. I picked up my new baby and instantly fell in love. Now that the weather is good, I am looking forward to taking lots of rides and kicked off bike season yesterday!

I look like a complete goon, but I always wear my helmet. Partially because of the necessity, and partially because I secretly like it. Who doesn't like a good helmet-styled hairstyle after a nice ride? Sounds like a bonus to me. Ladies- guys love this!

On a tangent- when we lived near Berkeley, we always saw people with helmets. They wore them all the time...even when they walked into the businesses they biked to...or sometimes just walking down the street. I'm assuming it's a cultural thing.

After my nail appointment, more walking, and hair trim and blow-out, I slapped my helmet back on and rode home. Once I came back, we went to the magical place called Costco. Here is a preview of the masses of foods that will guest star on the blog:

Roasted garlic hummus, kiwi, organic mixed greens salad, laughing cow cheese, those gosh-forsaken cookies (had one already)!

5 pounds of organic baby carrots, asparagus, pita chips, jarlsberg swiss cheese, almond butter, olives (for future Mr. Apple), and almond butter.

I'm getting geared up to go to the gym today and then we are doing Mother's Day (x2) with both families.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


Sharon said...

LOVE your Costco haul! I get my Almond butter from there too!!!!!!!

Mari said...

OMG I am loving your cycling style ha