Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Traveling Baller Style

After 2 hours of flight delay, I made it to my travel destination!  I spent my day working on the plane and in the airport, and then continued once I got back to my hotel room.  However, it was not all work!

I started off the morning with a cafe au lait from Peets coffee- a fancy way of having coffee with steamed milk.  After all of our espresso talk at home, I was curious to try a different kind of coffee and this was perfect for me- not too much milk, and just enough coffee flavor!

Also enjoyed in my lovely terminal office were some raw almonds.  It was only 11:00 and I wasn't quite ready for lunch, so I bought these little satiety pills to enjoy throughout my flight.

Once I got to the airport, I was starving, but first I had to get to my hotel.  The hotel is attached to the airport, so it should be a quick process, right? Wrong.  I had to wait for a shuttle in the humidity and the weather threatened to turn my hair from this to THIS.  Oh goodness- I hope I don't get bad hair karma now.  But seriously- the humidy is BAD!

Once I got to my happy, dry hotel, it was time to eat!  I got a beautiful room all to myself:

I looked through the menu and knew I wanted some veggies!  I couldn't resist when I saw the ahi tuna option, so I got both!  The ahi tuna was amazing:

The tofu and veggie stir fry was just OK.  It still didn't stop me from eating all the tofu and most of the veggies.  The rice had to stay because of the bread basket- holy hell was this good!

I also enjoyed my room service with this little flower.  I guess if I am eating alone, might as well enjoy the ambience, right?

After working and doing some homework, I rolled myself out of my hotel bed and went to the hotel gym.  It was AWESOME with little TVs on each machine- the only thing missing was a coffee IV and maybe chocolate.  I watched the True Brew episode of Good Eats and picked up some more coffee tips!  This made my workout go really, really fast!

Now I'm back in my room and getting ready for some sleep- which I am not very good at.  In light of this, I wanted to share an article from MSN Health about 5 Foods That Sabotage Your Sleep.  Here is a short summary, but read the link above to get the full scoop:

  • Preserved and smoked meats
  • Chocolate
  • Energy drinks (duh!)
  • Tomato sauce, chili, pizza, and spicy foods
  • Alcoholic drinks
Do any of these foods surprise you?  What do you avoid to get to sleep without any trouble?


The Candid RD said...

I agree with that list, but I think it depends on the dosage! For example, I eat a dove chocolate right before I go to bed, ever night. I only eat one, and it doesn't effect me. Same with alcohol. I can have a glass of wine and be fine, but if I have 2 or three, yeah, yikes, no good.

Humidity=MAJOR frizz for me! I feel your pain :)

Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said...

Lovely eats!! Hope you enjoy your trip and cute room!

I avoid drinking ANYTHING past like 730 or so.. nothing ruins a good night of sleep like having to run to the BR 5 times!!

I find if I do eat an apple and some crackers, I sleep well.. so Im going to keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

i sleep like a champ almost always... i can fall asleep fine after drinking, but i don't sleep soundly, which sucks.

and i have the straightest hair on earth. all moisture does is make it even more straight. it's kinda ridiculous. (the more straight isn't good, despite how it sounds... it starts getting weighed down and looks icky)

Mari said...

OMG those pictures made me crack up! you are too much lol

I am so jealous of your eats and that room...lucky girl =)

michael said...

You forgot #6:
when other people watch TV in bed.

One Healthy Apple said...

Thanks for that reminder, husband. I should really stop that, huh?

Anne Marie said...

Tomato sauce? That's so weird!

Missy said...

So fun that you have your own room! Your food looks delicious! Those foods don't really surprise me. I eat chocolate and drink before bed and am usually okay though! Just no energy drinks!

Naomi said...

hmmm very interesting about sauce and spicy foods that sabatoge sleep! WHO KNEW?!

that hotel room is beautiful!! so lucky you got it all to yourself!

peets is awesome coffee, and the cafe au lait is a great choice off the menu...for some reason, traveling ALWAYS makes me more hungry! I always make sure to pack some extra snackies!