Friday, February 5, 2010

Time to Pack!

Hey Guys!  I hope you are all getting started on a fabulous weekend!  I kicked mine off with 4 hours of Accounting.  Yep, I know how to party.  Partying is something I'll get plenty of this weekend, so I'm not worried!

Let's rewind to the last couple of days.  I promised more sushi and I know not to break a promise:
This is kabocha squash and avocado.
Paired with kim chee, more kabocha, and beets.  Bears eat beets.
I also randomly baked some brownies at 9:30 on Wednesday night.  Why not, right?  Especially when I discovered how good they tasted warm up with my new PB:
Sorry peanut butter, but you will never win against almond butter!
I also drank some young coconut juice in a wine glass to feel classy.  It was classy and refreshing.  I approve.
In addition to the new foods, I also went back to an old favorite:
Microwave protein pancake with oats, vanilla protein powder, 1 eggwhite, baking powder, applesauce, cinnamon cocoa powder, and topped with plain yogurt and more applesauce and cocoa powder.  Fantastic!

I've gotta run off to get packing for my trip to New Orleans! Hubby and I booked the trip a couple of weeks after our last vacay because we knew we would want to get away, but had no idea it would be in time for the Super Bowl!  I'm really excited to explore the city and visit with my bestie!

Don't think I forgot about you though- I've got a post or two up my sleeve until I get back on Tuesday!

What's the last vacay you took?  What's your favorite city in the US?
Mine was our honeymoon to Miami and Costa Rica.  My favorite city has got to be New York or Chicago- both are so unique and have so much to offer!


Anonymous said...

have a safe and amazing trip!! love sushi :) it is hard to pick a favorite city..but I really love chicago!

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Yum! Those brownies look delicious (and everything is better with AB). Have a great trip!!!

Gabriela said...

That sushi with squash looks amazing! And the brownies...yum! Do you have one of those pans that cooks all edges? They all look perfect!

My fave city is definitely New York...I'm lucky to live there :)

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

Sushi = love. Have fun trip! Take lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

last trip we took was to see my family... it's been too long since we've had a real vacation (which is why we're going on one next weekend!)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

My last vacay's were Vegas in July, and the Dominican Republic in December/January and then this April I am going to New York.

My favourite city in the US is one I haven't been to yet I am sure!

sophia said...

Kimchi and kabocha? you're a girl after my own heart!

Hope you have a spectacular trip!

Mom on the Run said...

We have explored a ton of great places. Recently I will have to say I really enjoyed our Toronto/Niagara Falls trip. Two very unique places.

Have a safe trip. We will be traveling to New Orleans in July. It is a very fun place.

Anonymous said...

you sure know how to make a delicious batch of brownies!! yum :)

oh man that sushi looks fantastic!
hope you had a safe trip!

Katie ♥ said...

Girl!! yay Im so glad you posted the yummy sushi you made!! It looks amazing!!

Oh I love how you made brownies too, u rock, my Mike LOVES brownies!!!!

I hope you are having a blast in New Orleans!!! I miss you!!!

My favorite city is CHICAGO baby!!!!!! Glad u agree!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...