Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hit the Jackpot update-I got the green flag to proceed with any physical activities that I wanted to do as long as my foot felt fine and what do I do? YOGA!  I'm hooked guys. I'll be doing some posts on my favorite classes at YogaWorks and am excited to share with you.

My weekend started with a bang when I made a pit stop at Whole Foods right after my yoga class on Saturday morning.  I knew I had to get my hands on the new trendy trend with ya'll.  Look what I got: Jackpot!
They do exhist!  So far I have tried a half of the carrot cake...and it does not taste like carrot cake to me, but still good!  I also got some coconut water to keep myself hydrated like when I'm sitting on my bum at the office and stuff.
We continued our adventure to the beach.  Again, this is a Northern California beach, so I wore sweats and walked along the ocean while my partner in crime surfed.
Today was spent running errands, doing homework, and hanging out with a few of my select posse.  I found this picture on my phone as evidence of two of my favorite boys. Love.
I'm feeling rested and ready to conquer my week!  And since I've kept my face off of here long enough and I got a new summer dress, here is one that hubby snapped of me. 
See you later this week!

Tell me the last new food product you got that you just HAD to try because of the blog peeps?


Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I'm jealous! I've been looking around for those LARAbars. I cannot wait to try them out.

I love your dress in the last picture. So good!

Lindsay @ said...

I just finished eating the new peanut butter chocolate chip Larabar. So good. I'm on a mission to find the cookie dough and carrot cake though!

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

I might be a little late on the uptake, but I really like your new look!

I didn't like the Chocolate PB Larabar, but I LOVED the Cookie Dough!

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

I lurrrrrve those new larabar flavors! Glad you found some!

Anne Marie said...

I'm so glad your foot is doing better! The last thing I had to try because of blogs is banana soft serve. I've been hooked ever since!

Angela said...

Okay believe it or not, I just got around to trying coconut water. I hated it :( I don't really love coconut, and the water version just tastes off to me.

Love that dress - great color for you!

kalin said...

cute dress!!

Mo Diva said...

Dude, COCONUT water! and you got my fave flavs... although passion fruit is pretty kick ass.

and i love love love yoga. so relaxing. Glad you got the green light. (singing "give me the green liiiiiight, give me just one niiiiiight. IM ready to YOGA Now... Im READY TO YOGA NOW....)

Erica said...

owwwww I so want to try the new Laras! I haven't been to WFs in ages and need to see if they have all the new flavors. Cute dress

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Oh I love the new look of your blog! Similar to mine, so I assume you checked out bloggers new templates too. They are so great!

Love the new dress. It looks great on you, and the color is perfect.

I have not tried the carrot cake Larabar, but if it DID taste like carrot cake I would have to venture a guess and say they wouldn't be so healthy! So, good thing they didn't. ha!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I cannot find the new flavours, but I have totally been looking!

I had to try PB and Co. peanut butter because of blogging peeps :-)