Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Overnight Oats Leftovers

Hey Guys!  I hope you are all enjoyed your weekends and have had a great start to the week.  I'm hoping to bring some moderate amusement to you this week with some posts and a giveaway!  I have now joined the cool kids and will  be doing a giveaway shortly with CSN Stores (featuring the le creuset product line in one of their online storefronts).  Please check back here for more details and an opportunity to win soon!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, it is clear to state that I am no culinary genius.  I do like to make things ahead of time so that I can have something to feed my family of two while I'm running like a chicken with my head cut off throughout the week.  This last week I read on Oh She Glows about how making overnight oats ahead of time in a large batch is not only easy, but tastes better.  I went with it, and although it ain't pretty, it was awesome.
Brace yourselves for this picture. This item was clearly for me only as my husband would not even look at it without making a face. More for me.

  • 1 heaping cup of oats
  • 1.5 cups of milk of your choice
  • 4 scoops of protein powder of choice (I used chocolate hemp protein)
  • 2 Tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa
  • Optional: nut butter (I didn't use any), ground flax, cinnamon, sweetener, or anything else you put in your overnight oats.
I mixed everything up, hence the very appetizing tupperware and popped it in the fridge.  The next few days I had overnight oats ready for me!  This made about 5 servings and was very filling.
I made myself a breakfast sundae and really enjoyed it
Overnight oats, sliced banana, plain yogurt, and almond butter.

Question: Do you have any favorite time saving breakfast ideas for me? I would love to hear them!


Lauren said...

I love this idea! Considering I made them the last three nights! haha How many servings does that make??

Anne Marie said...

I've always wanted to try overnight oats-this just might do the trick!

Mom on the Run said...

Overnight oats is such a savior for me during the school year.

Can't wait to see your CSN giveaway.

Mo Diva said...

i actually bought a time saving cookbook. every sunday ngiht i pick three recipes to make for the week and get all the key ingredients. when i cook the meals i split the portion in half and put one half in the freezer and then half the 2nd half for two nights worth of dinner (or in your case, a serving for you and hubs). While im cleaning hte kitchen i prep overnight oats and a sandwich for the next day, pack it and put in the to go back for when fly out the door in th emorning.

its not easy to be prepared... it takes work! lol

Mari said...

hey amor!!!!! I love overnight oats! it is like a special treat in the morning =)

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

Maybe I'm crazy but I think this looks so good!

Katie ♥ said...

Love that you made a HUGE batch of overnight oats for the week! I love overnight oats!

My fave is overnight oat smash for a time saver or just an apple and a luna or larabar!

Love u! xoxo Happy Weekend! xoxo

Mary @ Running Wifle said...

I just found your blog via the healthy living blog website and just wanted to say hi. I just started my blog and was looking for other bloggers in the Bay area!

Lauren said...

Haha, loved your comment "PB Flour is going to be the next chia seed". Only a true foodie would know what that means! :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I put smoothie ingredients in the blender the night before so it is ready to blend in the morning.

valerie from familyblog said...

nice receipe