Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Getting Steamy Up in Hurrr

This evening I went to a sculpting class at my cult gathering yoga studio yogaworks.  The class is called Sculptworks and incorporates strength, resistance bands, yoga, pilates, and dance style stretching and exercises in a cardio and strength style circuit.  And I love it when I'm not busy being lazy.

This evening I took the class with one of my regular hatha yoga teachers and he made sure to kick my booty.  The soccer moms in the class agreed.  The instructors usually ask us if we want the AC on since we are the ones moving and they are usually walking around and correcting form.  Although I'm usually cold, it was unreasonably warm when the instructor turned on the AC.  I kept going and thought that I was getting a monumental workout until about 15 minutes later when he realized he had turned on the heater instead of the air conditioner. I'm just glad that nobody passed out like I almost did in my first hot yoga class.  That would have been messy. 

I decided to keep up the hot trend with my soup tonight.  I have to admit that I've been eating the same soup almost every day for the last 3 weeks.  It's a bit of a problem and I'm OK with it.
I also have to admit that I don't 'make' any of it.  Please meet my dream team:
Trader Joe's Organic Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup- delicous.  Add your frozen or fresh veggies and bring to a simmer.  Add some Slap Ya Mama seasoning and your soup is cooked and spicy.

Sometimes I add a sprinkle of parmesan cheese if I really want to steam up my own glasses.

Questions for you:
Have you ever done hot yoga? Yes- and I like it now that I got past the initial trauma
What's your favorite soup? This soup and miso soup


MelissaNibbles said...

I've never done hot yoga. The class you described sounds like Core Fusion or similar barre classes. Love those!

Mo Diva said...

THREE WEEKS? You are my hero. I am tired of something 5 days after i eat it!
I have never done hot yoga but i want to. i hear its awesome

Anonymous said...

I adore Pacific Food's red pepper tomato soup-they sell it at costco. So good-it is the only pre-packaged soup we buy.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I have never done any type of yoga! I love homemade chicken noodle soup, potato soup, etc.. I love all soups.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I have NEVER taken a hot yoga class. I'll be honest, I'm scared to try it! I complain a lot about temperature, and I just know I wouldn't be able to handle the hot temp, and I would be annoying. Yep, it's true.

I love soup and am so sad that all of TJs soups have garlic in them, which I can't eat. This soup sounds marvelous and it has sparked the desire for soup tonight. Yep, I'm making some, for sure! It will probably be a vegetable and beef soup of some kind.

Amanda said...

slap ya mama? I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I am delirious right now, can you tell? :)

I know I'd pass out during hot yoga. I hate the heat!

Anonymous said...

I love hot yoga :) That soup sounds awesome (well, aside from the slap yo mama hotness, though I love the name!)

Anne Marie said...

The soup looks amazing! I've never done hot yoga, but I hear great things about it!

Katie ♥ said...

Hi love!!!!! Love you! Hope you guys are ready for the holidays!!!!

This soup looks BOMB! I love soup in the winter because its soooooooo cold here!!!

Hot Yoga I have done a couple times and loved it!

Dawn said...

The soup really does look delish. I never would have known it came from a carton! I do a 90 minute power vinyasa flow yoga on Tuesday nights and Saturday morning and I love it! Favorite soup? That's too tough!.....there are so many!