Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh Yeah - October

In the words of the pop princess, "Oops I did it again."  A whole month without blogging and now here I come crawling back.  In the last month I've been on a travel spree with almost a week in Atlanta, and just working away. 

Oh, and food- there has been food along with it all, because a young lady has got to eat!  I needed a lot of energy to focus on my trip.

Pumpkin yogurt in the airport

Ceasar salad in the hotel at midnight

Hotel room all to myself

In the last weeks since being back, we have been working away on the kitchen.  It's not quite 100% done yet- but here is a sneak preview.  I am 1000% in love with it and I'll post some good before and after pictures once we are all done.

Another couple of things that I am 100% in love with are my boys.  We went to an enormous dog park today and walked around and let the beast run free.  It was a fabulous day.
What are you loving these days?  If I have any readers left, tell me what's new in your lives.

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