Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How My Eating Has Changed

I promise I won't make this all baby all the time.  In fact, my daily life is very much focused on work and regular daily tasks and I'm still me- just harboring a lemon in my gut.  I did want to touch on how my nutrition has changed in the last 14 weeks.  In a nutshell, the answer is not much, but I will elaborate since that's what I'm paid pennies a month for.  

Disclaimer: I hope I don't sound smug- I know that pregnancy is different for everyone and some women can only survive on mac and cheese and hamburgers.  Believe me- I ate my weight in bagels and cream cheese and have now come out on the other side.  Take this and all my other posts with a grain of salt.

At first I was pretty sick.  Just imagine being hungover every day for about 8 weeks straight, but without the delicious wine the evening before.  Food was not particularly appealing but not repulsive either.  I just ate because I knew it would make me feel better.  Me and an empty stomach were a recipe for disaster.  I ate simple things like eggs, toast with cream cheese, fruit, cheese, and a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes.  A typical lunch would look something like this.  

Veggie sandwich with cheese, cream cheese, lettuce, and cucumbers and tomatoes on the side with lots of pepper and salt.  I am loving the salt.

What caught me off guard was that I fiercely hated hummus, almond butter, and chocolate. All my favorite foods sounded awful. The cherry on top of the sundae- I also hated frozen yogurt. What the fudge? Another favorite food. I got over it, but it was just so strange.

Now that these foods were out of my rotation, I mostly focused on getting enough protein, veggies that I could stomach (most things except for spinach and broccoli), and still loved the salt.  I ate enough marinated mushrooms for an entire lifetime and also loved olives.  One other thing that happened- I started to eat a real dinner instead of my typical snackstravaganza.  A typical dinner looks like this:

Roasted root veggies, 2 eggs cooked well, ketchup and cherry tomatoes on the side

Some other staples include fruit of all kinds, like my beloved mango.

Once I hit 2nd tri, I felt much more human and eat pretty much like I did before.  I even introduced almond butter and oatmeal back into my diet.  Chocolate is still very 'meh' and hummus is on the shiz list.  Maybe some other time.  I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner.  I have to eat dinner before I work out or it's no good.  I don't count calories and just listen to my body, which hasn't failed me yet.

My sweet tooth has gone missing, but I did have an amazingly indulgent lunch (yes, lunch) of Ici ice cream this past weekend.  Candied Meyer lemon and brown sugar oatmeal are health foods, thanks very much.  After all, I do have an excuse!

Next time I'll talk about how workouts have changed.  My yoga intern says hello for now!

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I'm really looking forward to the baby posts - it's such an exciting time!