Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Tuesday

I promised I wouldn't be all baby all the time, so here goes a random post from me.  You'll thank me later- or not. 

  • This Tuesday, I'm thinking back on our beautiful day at the beach this weekend.  The husband surfed while boy genius and I ran around the beach.  I know people balk at San Francisco weather, but can you imagine anything more pleasant than this?

  • Shar peis are supposed to be afraid of water.  I don't think my little boy got the memo since he was running around like a tazmanian devil for over 90 minutes chasing the waves and playing with dogs around him.  He even jumped in chest deep and followed hubby into the water for a little bit.  He did stop for a second so I could take a picture.  I'm thinking he needs some sunglasses soon.

  • My favorite snacks at work vary from day to day, but often include typical Trader Joe's fare.  Doesn't matter if I break into said snacks at 10:30 AM.

  • The elusive flavored Chobani flavors that I could never find are now everywhere.  I enjoyed the lemon yogurt last week and it was quite refreshing and not too sweet.  I think I'll have it again.

  • Honeycrisp apples really are worth the hype. Trust me.
  • I love yoga
Any random thoughts for you this week?


Anne Marie said...

Random thoughts? I love Glee!

Laura said...

Ahhhh, where have I been?! I had no idea there was a bun in the oven!! CONGRATS!! Also, honeycrisp apples, yes. I'm OBSESSED with them these days. Like 2 a day every day for a month now, haha. Dipped in various nut butters, of course.