Sunday, March 4, 2012

27 and 28 Weeks

Hello fellow food bloggers.  I keep coming back here without food- so let's start with that first. We got a new waffle maker and today was its maiden voyage.  Waffles are back in the home =)

In other news, I'm still gestating and still around.  I caught a rough cold that lasted for 9ish days and one would have thought I caught the plague or something.  I'm usually what I call a functioning alcoholic and can usually work my way through colds but this was no joke.  I am pretty much recovered now and ready to attack the last 12 weeks!

How far along? Just hit 28 weeks this Saturday! 

Here is a picture from 27 weeks:

And here I am today- woah bebe!  Big brother Chino was squirrel hunting in the background with us.

Total weight gain/loss: I go in again on Friday, but I'm guessing up 18 pounds or so to add a pound a week since 26 weeks.  The baby is going to be doing a lot of growing and brain development in this trimester, so I'm suspecting the scale will keep going up.  I'm still eating healthy and when hungry so I'm letting my body do what it needs.

Maternity clothes? Yes, and yes.  I still wear a lot of pre-preg shirts but I can't get my lululemon zip ups to close anymore.  Sad face.

Stretch marks? Still holding out for them- maybe I just can't see them yet?

Sleep: Sleep is still great.

Best moment this week: Finally feeling better had to be my best moment.  I also had my golden birthday- 28 on the 28th and my family and friends made me feel pretty special.  Finally, our parents and the hubby have been working like crazy on our house and it's starting to come together.  Today grandpa Jacob (my dad) came over to paint the baby's room and yesterday grandpa Stan hooked up the light in the room.  Here is a sneak peak of the progress to date- you can't see the colors too well, but this is a light aqua and a light grey.

This week's comment of the week:

- People haven't said much.  Maybe they're afraid of the hormonal wrath I can bring.

Miss Anything? Not really.  I think I missed drugs while I was sick, but I'm feeling pretty well and trying to enjoy this time. 

Movement: Lots of movement.  Baby has a party in there in the early mornings and evenings and he's getting stronger.  My ribs have started hurting so he may already be kicking up there.

Food cravings: None of note.  I made a fruit salad this weekend and have been plowing my way through it, but I have kept most of my eating habits the same- just more =)

Anything making you queasy or sick: I noticed that when I get hungry I start to get queasy- all signs telling me to keep up with the growing babe.

Sex: BOY!  

Symptoms: Besides the cold of death that I keep referencing, I have been pretty much pain free.  In the last two days my ribs have felt tender and after a busy day my back was a little sore.  Part of it is from not being active while sick so I'm going to get back to a regular workout and yoga schedule since my body needs the movement and flexibility.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Not pregnancy-related, but I had a really cranky week from work stress and not feeling well.  I know I'm not being rational half the time and set crazy expectations for myself half the time, so the goal for this week is to be more relaxed and keep stress levels down.  Maybe it's OK for me to not be so nice and to be more assertive.

Looking forward to: Lots to look forward to- including my baby shower, maternity leave, and meeting my sweet boy.

Exercise: I was able to keep up with only about half of my walks with Chino since all I wanted to do was go to bed by 7 each night.  I am so thankful hubby took over and walked the pup the other evenings.  Now that I'm feeling better, the goal is to get back to formal exercise and yoga most days of the week so that I'm in shape for my endurance event.

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